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Phone reception HORRIBLE, have to select from drop down menus 2x and INTERNET now freezes and is VERY SLOW SINCE NK1 UPDATE a week ago, no problems prior

I have had my Note 3 since about 14 months now and have loved it until the last Verizon update.  Since the update my reception is very poor / "breaks up" in my shop.  This is the same shop I have been working in for 6 YEARS!!! Also when I select a drop down tab like a credit card month and make my selection it NEVER saves the 1st time, always have to do it 2x.  The internet used to work great in my shop and could stream Pandora without an issue, now it take 2 minutes to load the first song.

I feel these simple software issues could make people feel the need to upgrade their phone even though there is nothing wrong with their current phone, pretty creative sales tactic if you ask me.  All I want is my phone to work like it did prior to the 1/16/2015 update.  If I have change my ways and run my off wifi everywhere like I had to back when I had Sprint I might as well switch to a cheaper provider.

My time is money and wasting time trying to make a phone work like it did before a software update is very frustrating. I have already gone to a Verizon store and was told to do a complete reset.  I spent 2 hours saving everything to my cloud, reset the phone and the same problems still exist.  Please help me find a solution to my problems ASAP

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