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Pictures saved from pinterest and other phone data not backing up via Cloud

We went to a verizon store to discuss some issues with my wife's galaxy note 4. They advised us to backup the device and do a hard reset. The staff at the store started the cloud backup service and told us what to do when the backup completed. After resetting and restoring the phone, we can't find pictures my wife saved from pinterest anywhere, even after sorting through all the files on the cloud one by one. We've restored her gallery pictures, contacts, messages, etc.  As far as I can tell, pictures saved from pinterest should appear in the Gallery on the phone, in which case I would expect them to have been backed up - any thoughts? Also, I was surprised the wallpaper did not transfer....I would really appreciate it if anyone can tell me somewhere to look - I would think any such files as these would have been saved to the cloud.

Also, the backup through the cloud didn't save anything associated with the way the phone was set up.  So while we have all (most) of her pictures, I don't see how it did anything different than if I downloaded the files to a computer and then uploaded them to a new phone. While this may seem trivial, my wife has OCD and it literally took her hundreds of hours to get all her files stored the way she wanted them, special icons, special folders for all her pictures, locations and folders for all her apps, customized app settings for sent and received messages from different people, etc.  The pictures went into the cloud organized and came out a giant mess. I wish we had realized this before performing the reset, which, sadly, was probably necessary to fix the performance problems we were having with the phone. Obviously not everyone has OCD, but I don't see what having a "recover" feature does for you if it just copies files. I would appreciate any advice as to whether there is a different way to do a hard reset that will save her the stress in the future. Thank you!

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Re: Pictures saved from pinterest and other phone data not backing up via Cloud
Customer Support

Mstrvb19 I'm so sorry for all your wife has been through. I certainly understand the hours invested to get the phone just as she needs or likes it. Let's work together to figure this all out and avoid future heart ache. The Verizon Cloud will only backup items you select from the available backup options. The Pictures saved are only pictures saved to the Gallary. As for the Pinterest, can you tell me how a picture is saved? If a photo is not saved to the Gallary it will not be saved to the Verizon Cloud. As for the icons and special settings, at this time we do not have a way to save that information. I know it will be hard but it has to be added back after every Master Reset or when changing a phone. I wish I had a solution to offer.
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Re: Pictures saved from pinterest and other phone data not backing up via Cloud

I did a test on my other phone and pinterest saves to the gallery. I

believe the store employee had every box checked on the backup when she

started it.

On a related note, does it save browsing history and/or saved website

credentials? Apparently my wife had some rather complicated credentials for

her work scheduling website and they were saved in the browser.

On Oct 31, 2015 4:58 PM, "Verizon Wireless Customer Support" <