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Problems with notifications in the Verizon messages+ app after andriod marshmallow 6.0.1 update.

     About a week ago I got a Galaxy Note 5 64gb.
I spent the better part of an evening and a day installing apps and changing settings. The usual when you get a new phone. For messaging I settled on the Verizon app Messages+ (though I did try the stock Samsung message app too). Things were working ok. I was getting notifications of text messages as they came in etc.

     Then I did the android update from 5.1.1 to 6.0.1. After that I also set a custom sound notification in the messages+ app under "customize, tones".
I don't know exactly when it started but some time in the next day or two I noticed the following after trying to change a setting.
The messages+ app will ONLY notify me of incoming messages IF the "messages, settings, Notifications (Display message notifications in the status bar)" option is checked in the app. If it is not checked I get NO notifications at all. When it is checked I get an initial notification with the custom sound and another notification as a result of whatever the default setting is under the "phone settings, sounds and vibration, Notification sound, Default notificaton sound" is set to and same default sound every minute on the minute  and a vibration too until I swipe the message banner on the lock screen or notification bar away or read the text message.
Note that repeat reminder is set in the messages+ app to never and vibration is set to "only when vibrate mode".

     I have changed all the settings around in the app trying every combination and changed the phone, settings, sound and vibration settings all around too but no combination fixes this behaviour. I've tried changing the phone, settings, notification sounds too with no luck. I've cleared the messages+ app cache and even did a recovery boot and cleared the cache partition all to no affect.

     At first I thought this was the result of the android update from 5.1.1 to 6.0.1 but now I believe it is really the messages+ app that has the problem because of the update and not the update itself. The reason I say that is this. I have k9mail installed with 4 different mail accounts setup in it all with custom sound settings for each mail account and it all works perfectly. I have business calendar pro installed using custom sounds and it works perfectly. I have Time recording pro installed with custom settings/sounds and it works perfectly (I could go on). That leads me to believe it is the messages+ app that has the problem.

     I don't know if anyone will find a setting or solution that will solve this for me but I just wanted to make it known and see if anyone else has seen a similar issue. Maybe the messages+ app personnel can use this info to get this thing going for us again because I'm reading about a lot of issues related to the messages+ app after the android marshmallow 6.0.x update.

... Oh one other thing. My son-in-law bought a Note 5 at the same time I did and because of my problem he has stayed at android 5.1.1 and has no problems with the app. On the other hand my daughter got an S7 and whereas I get notified over and over she never gets notified more than once regardless of the setting to repeat reminder is set to.

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Re: Problems with notifications in the Verizon messages+ app after andriod marshmallow 6.0.1 update.

i had problems & stopped using the verizon app a long time ago & use the default(yellow) messaging app.

Re: Problems with notifications in the Verizon messages+ app after andriod marshmallow 6.0.1 update.

Thanks for the info bearone21.

In my case both the original (yellow) messages app and the (red) vierizon messages+ have the problem so that won't work for me.

I would like to share the following additional info though .

I think I was mistaken when I said that swiping away the notification on the lock screen actually gets rid of the 60sec reminders. In fact you must unlock the phone and get rid of it but no matter I'm moving on

I want to leave with this.

I tried 3 replacement apps and they all work fine. I expect most will probably work

1. I have verified that the standard google messages app works (you can download it from the play store).

I does NOT have a dark global background setting though.You can set each individual to their own background color in the app but that is a pain in the neck so I opted not to use it.

2. Hangouts also works and comes pre-installed on the note 5. It's terrible. A perfect example of an app that was created by committee but if you are desperate.

3. In the end I decided on textra which also works fine.

It does not have the fancy themes and visuals of it's cousin Chomp but all I need is a dark background theme and it has two of them (gray and black). It is my understanding that they changed the app not long ago so that after a 30 day trial you either have to pay ~$3 or deal with the typical ads everything seems to have these days. I'm going to wait it out to see how things go and if I don't find a free solution by then I'll pay up. Maybe messages+ will get fixed by then.