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Recall Woes...

I'm just writing to add my list for frustrations to the Note 7 Recall.

In my experience, the retail stores do not want to deal with this problem.  I have been good about the recall and stayed on top of the information.

Shortly after the announcement of the options for handling the recall, I went to my retail store as it first opened, and was told that the only appointment to exchange the phone was 7pm that evening (the store was near empty at the time).

I returned at 7pm, and they clearly made me feel uncomfortable about needing to exchange this phone... "it is only a problem in Korea...  very little chance of anything happening... the new ones will be here in 2 days"  (this was on Sat, Sept 10th).  Despite my protest and explanations (it hadn't be approved by the CPSC), i was told that the websites/ blogs were wrong.  In addition, they wouldn't offer me a loaner...  they would only exchange it for the S7 ("We're not doing that"... in regards to the loaner).

I gave up...  Unfortunately, I had to travel out of the country, and to avoid the angry flight attendants, I just reactivated my old phone.

For the last 3 days I have called multiple times and everyone is out of stock.

On one call to the call center, I was placed on hold for 10 minutes by a very nice lady, but I had to go back to work.  She left a message on my phone offering to send my a new device, but the ship date would be Oct 5th.

I'm busy with work and family (like many of us customers), and the day to day hassle of negotiating through the stupid phone answering messages, waiting on hold, bothering the retail store works to check inventory, getting a much later appointment, squeezing in time between or after work to get the phone, waiting in the store again, etc...  all a huge inconvenience.

Yet, when I call back to VZW call center... they won't honor the previous reps offer, and they keep sending me back to the retail store.

This is too frustrating, and I don't want to keep going back and forth.  I keep feeling that Verizon could make this much easier if the wanted to.

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Re: Recall Woes...

Same frustrations here! My son who is the owner of the Note 7, is away at college with a very busy course schedule.  I tried to do much of the leg work myself with this recall to save him from being deterred from his studies. I had called the corporate store near him three times explaining the situation and asked them to hold a phone for him for a few days until he could get there and they said they couldn't. What I finally come to realize is the store reps work on commission and time is money and since they would make $0 off my sons swap, they rather help a new customer where they tend to make $$. AT&T from what I hear is giving priority of the replacement Note 7s to the recalled customers, unlike Verizon (stores as well as online)  who is selling them to everybody. Anyway after numerous phone calls and many hours I was finally able to order the replacement online (paying the taxes temporarily) and received it yesterday. My son is coming home this weekend and is going to do his transfers etc. and I pray this is the end of it. I agree Verizon should have come up with a better solution for replacements. They should have all been processed online and mailed to customers or at least let us order the replacements online and have them shipped to a store to lessen the hassle at the store. Now Verizon told me they had to order special boxes to return the recalled phones and since they are not in stock yet we will have to wait until further notice before returning it. Supposedly they are going to refund the taxes before that happens but lets see. I  have always had  a good experience with Verizon online reps they've never let me down in the past and I am hoping this nightmare is put behind all of us very soon.