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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android Kit Kat Issues!!

I have been experiencing problems with my text messaging on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 since the software update to Android Kit Kat. Messages being sent appear to "Fail" or states "Message Not Sent" in the notification drop down panel.

I spoke with a Verizon technician earlier, who had me clear my cache and force stop the Messages app in the Application Manager, then power cycle the phone. However, I'm still experiencing the same issues of not being able to send text messages since the update to Kit Kat from Jelly Bean. He advised that if I still continue to have issues, a factory reset would resolve the issues. I don't know if that's true or not though, since he said it would retain the Android Kit Kat OS on the phone after the reset and not revert back to the old OS (thus, to me, still have problems with the same OS as before). I have also tried to place the device into Safe Mode and still experiencing the same problem with sending messages. I'm able to receive messages just fine.

Is there anything else that can be done to fix this? I rely on text messaging a lot and cannot continue to have "Message Not Sent" and "Fail" as a continued problem.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android Kit Kat Issues!!

same issue here.

I took the battery out and sim card and was told if this did not fix the problem then I would have to do a factory reset. I told tech no, they need to fix the problem. Other customers are having issues also.

The battery is draining extremely fast, freezing, unable to send texts.

In fact, since I have been on here (on my computer), my batter was at 82% and now it's down to 73% without using my phone.

Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android Kit Kat Issues!!

I have a DROID RAZR MAXX HD and am having near identical issues. After the KIT KAT OS update, I started receiving messages that various apps has stopped working, including my sleep actions and mainly messaging among other lesser important apps. I have also force stopped the messaging app, cleared the cache, and have done a hard factory reset twice in the last week. After numerous calls to customer service, online chats and even a visit to the store, the problem still remains. The last customer service rep that I talked to was a level 2 rep that I had been transferred to a warranty replacement recommendation. This guy has basically just told me that a warranty replacement will not fix the problem, he is SO SORRY that I am having to deal with this but I am going to have the same issues no matter what phone I have, and that basically he recommends downloading an alternate texting app, and to just deal with it. I MAY HAVE finally lost my cool, and ended up hanging up on him, AND, since it's a software issue, not a hardware issue, I am stuck in my contract! He basically just said I would have to wait for a new software update to come down...beyond frustrated with Verizon and this phone!