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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Service Problems

I bought the Note 3 a few months ago, Since I bought this device I have been having problems. First, the phone was having service issues and the flash on the camera broke, I returned the phone within the first week and they said "its a faulty device" I then received a second phone 4 days later, this phone worked fine for the first couple days then also began to have service issues including dropping calls all over and .having to retry sending a text almost every message. I then took the phone back to Verizon once again which I was then told that it was past the 14 days and I was stuck with the phone. They changed my sim card and stated this should fix the problem. this phone worked for a few days again and then went right back to the same problem. So far I have been through 4 phones and numerous sim cards. Verizon sent a technician out to the area where I live and their results were "Spotty coverage in the area" I have told them numerous times my phone has issues everywhere and not just at my house. The representatives then stated the technicians advised I should purchase a network extender (which is another 250 dollars and will only possibly correct my service issues in one place). This last representative I talked to stated there was a VOLTE problem that he was seeing with my phone (didn't explain what this meant) and stated I would be better off with a different style phone. He then stated I would have to purchase the phone outright or upgrade to the Verizon Edge Plan which will end up costing approx. 20 dollars more a month on top of my 85 dollar monthly bill. Has anyone else had problems like this with the Note 3 and what did you end up doing?

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