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Samsung Note II software update failed

Help!  My Samsung Note II  is now useless after attempting software upgrade from Verizon.

What happened:   I plugged the phone into to my desk top PC and received a message from Verizon indicate there was an update available. I clicked on it and the download began.  Percentage completion indicator looked good for the first few minutes however after about an hour it stuck at 98 percent.   I left it for another 3 hours and still at 98%.   The phone's display was fixed with a message saying it was downloading and "Do not turn off target!!" displayed below a robot figure. 

What I did:   Well after the forth hour I had to go to bed.   I terminate the operation and the phone is now stuck with the same robot and message. It wont let me reboot or power down.   "Its alive!".   I rebooted my computer and plugged the phone back in.   Now I get a dialog box on my PC saying it does not recognize the hardware I just plugged in.   If I could pull the battery out I would. 

Question:    What can I do?  Its still on and staring at me.   Any help (besides buying a new phone) is appreciate.  Its only 3 months old.

Re: Samsung Note II software update failed
Customer Support

Sorry to hear about your Note II Bonedaddy61. With regards to your phone, is it still displaying the status bar, and the little Android figure? If it is still stuck, you may need to attempt a battery pull, and restart. Worst case scenario, a master reset may be needed too. This way you may attempt the update once again.

If this was a normal Samsung/VZW OS update you were attempting to perform, and it somehow bricked your phone, as long as there is not physical or water/moisture damage, your device can be replaced via warranty.

Let us know if this helps Bonedaddy61. We are here to help assist!


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