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Shame on Verizon

Shame on Verizon for not working for their customer.

Verizon have largest network and most expensive plans in United States, yet they abandon customers as soon as they buy a phone or locked into contract.

Verizon updated Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with buggy android 5.0.1. Customers have to use buggy and half disabled phone because they are slacking on their work. Other carriers updated software 5 month ago and Verizon claims Samsung is not providing them with proper update. People are smarter than that. They know Verizon is one who is not working and refuse to give us update. I don't expect you work during Thanksgiving through new year.

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Re: Shame on Verizon
Customer Support

We’re committed in providing you with the best wireless experience. I understand your desire for software updates, please be assured that software updates are pushed to devices when ready. I’d like an opportunity to troubleshoot any issues that you are experiencing with your phone. Please share specific detail of the issues you are experiencing and we’ll explore ways to improve your wireless experience.

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Re: Shame on Verizon

I'm right there with you on this one. I left sprint in March after 15 years because of horrible customer service and the lack of any resemblance of loyalty and care for their customers.  And now, after having my Note 4 on the charger for THREE days straight and only having it hit 76% as far as battery goes, their solution is to send me a new phone because it's "obviously a hardware issue that's causing the battery to drain"  I have been an android man since I bought the Galaxy 2 when it first came out. But after this latest carnival of errors on Verizon's part, I am seriously looking to make the jump to Apple.  What gets me is that at no time has verizon ever made anything nearing an attempt to at least pacify those who are complaining that their phone is nothing short of a $500 brick.