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Two more issues, along with all the others...

I posted about my continuing issues with the random reboots (a few times while I was talking on the phone), sluggishness, etc.

There are two other issues that I've seen quite a bit, starting at the same time as the others.

1. My screen randomly gets darker. I go into settings and it's maxed out with auto turned off. Nothing I do changes it back, but it eventually goes back to full brightness (this is a major [Removed] when trying to view my screen outside).

2. Text messages no longer load to the latest message, but always later in the thread. Yeah, it's no problem just scrolling down, but it's yet another thing that I have to waste my time on (not to mention that the messaging app has been extremely buggy/slow since I've had it. Forcing me to delete older messages to keep it from locking up.

I realize there's nothing Verizon will do regarding these. I don't need "Samsung puts out the update" responses, etc.

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Re: Two more issues, along with all the others...
Customer Support

diagoro, I'm sorry to hear that you're still experiencing issues with your device since the update. Sometimes after a software update, it is possible to see changes or even some minor bugs in the software. If all your apps are up to date, and this keeps happening, you can complete a Factory Reset to wipe the phone and start fresh. This can help with issues that may crop up from time to time. Back up your phone first on Verizon Cloud to be sure you don't lose any information, and then follow the steps to complete a Factory Reset. The steps for backing up and resetting can be found at the following links: Let us know if this helps, or if the issue continues.


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