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Wasn't able to exchange my Note 7

Went to a Verizon store today. I went to exchsnge "my dangerous" black Note 7 for a blue Note 7. Was first told no, which I informed them that customer support said it wasn't a problem. She asked and she stated a $35 restocking fee. Then they pulled up my account and noticed I had a discount when I purchased the Note 7. She went to the back and called customer support. So far I've been waiting for 30-40 mins. She came out and explained that I would be refunded my first phone amount and then had to buy the new Note 7 at the original price without my previous discount, and sign a new contract as if I never had the previous note 7. At this point I was upset. I purchased the Note 7 which I was give a promo discount code by Verizon and now that I want to ex due to the recall they can't accept that promo discount. I was told to call customer support. I called them and they informed me to go to another Verizon store and have them call corporate, or for me to call Samsung. Call Samsung......Didn't VERIZON say go to where you purchased it.  So approximately 2 hours has passed and i got nothing solved. I cant believe I actually spent 2 hours and still have my original Note 7. Has anyone had this same problem?

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Re: Wasn't able to exchange my Note 7

@ DANHOF54, I had similar experience...  I actually cracked my screen a week after the original release date, and a week b4 the recall. So I filled a claim with asserion (ins) and got my new phone a day later.   So then they got recalled, so then today I took mine and my G.F. phone back to Verizon, problem is they took my girlfriend phone but couldn't take mine cause it didn't come from Verizon , but the insurance company that Verizon through.    So I ended up having to pay cash for a new phone and now I have to wait, up to 2 weeks, for asserion to send me a check for the cost of my phone.    Just a huge pain, or and I got charged a connection fee of $20. 

My patience definitely got tested these past 3 weeks