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Weakest Sugnal EVER!

Early December (2020) reception became as bad if not worse than AT&T in 29482. The issue isn’t just happening to me, everyone I have talked to about it has also said they are having the same issues w/dropped calls. What was 3 to 4 signal bars of LTE is now turned into 1-2 bars with VZ service in my area, as well as out on the road. I've called multiple times and get an excuse. Can NOTHING be done? I’ve troubleshot and troubleshot again. It MUST be an issue with the VZ Network or lack of towers(?) The last time I called, I was told there was a “service ticket” being opened for my issue. The next day received an email from VZ saying that coverage in my area was less than optimal. Thankfully, I have AT&T high speed internet at home, so I can Wi-Fi call. But that's NOT what I pay VZW for! If this continues much longer, I will definitely be switching to AT&T. In my ZIP, AT&T shows 4-5 bars of 5G. You have NO number to call for network issues other than 611. Again, this is not an issue with device, settings, data throttling, etc. this is a VZ network issue for everyone w/VZ Wireless WHAT are we paying for, if not quality service???

Re: Weakest Sugnal EVER!

I have a Note 9 and my signal feels like I live in the 90s.   It has been horrible for about 6 months!!!   Some places I get NO signal at all (others do) and they are large suburban areas with plenty of towers.