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Went to Verizon Store to talk Note7.

I would just like to add to the discussion, I have seen people in my same exact boat.

-Bought (4) New Note7's on 8/30.  Ship date was 9/7.  We have corporate account.  Did it in Store.

-Spent over $300 on Wireless Chargers, Car Kits, Otterboxes from the Verizon Store (Westbury, NY)

-Order Cancelled 9/8.

Been in Limbo (kind of) ever since, reading forums daily, getting thoughts, reactions, facts (?!?) from everyone.. Here is what i have peiced together thus far.

1.  New Note 7's are IN STOCK at certain retailers/locations.  I have heard Best Buy has them definatley.  Those who have stated that they can not be put out for retail until they pass US Certification seem to be correct.  The nice woman in the verizon store told me they haven't been given any solid information as to When they are able to start selling them again..

Now take this with a grain of salt, but the verizon stores have pulled EVERYTHING related to the note7 from display to the consumer.  Where the Note7 i was playing with for 2 hours on the 30th was, is now a Note 5 LOL (yes they still sell them).

So i was mostly curious as to what i should do with all the stuff i bought? Rumors were rampant that the note7's were Not going to be resold perhaps.  This rumor is unfounded and UNTRUE.

I decided to keep everything we bought, as we are going to re-order the phones as soon as they are available.  I have read some people think tommorow (9/16) they will hit the shelves, but i don't think that will be the case.  From all the info i have gathered, my best GUESS is October 1st.  This gives time for certification and stock, plus the stores have to put all the new stuff out for it.  Just my guess but it seems logical.

My Note3 has lasted for 4+ years, it will last another few weeks.

My 2 cents.

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