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Why should I be charged to replace my note 7???

So I have a replacement note 7 and I was told by the guy at the store that i should get a replacement phone but if I do it in the store I would be charged fees and if I do it online I wouldn't so i went to do it online and I was getting charges 60 dollars for taxes and an upgrade fee. When I looked on the community boards I read that 5 different people got charged this fee and they got it waived when they called. So I called and explained my situation and they refused to waive the fee! Their reasoning was "because I'm upgrading to a phone that doesn't explode I have to pay a fee" like its my fault the phones are exploding!! I told her that I would really like to keep my note 7 but everyone is telling me to get a new one. She said I CAN keep the note 7 but they wouldn't be liable for any damages! So I said if the phone exploded my pocket right now you're telling me I would be liable for that and she said yes!!!! I asked to speak to a supervisor and she refused to transfer me because she said the supervisor would say the same thing!! And then she was claiming that they credited money to my bill when I got the first replacement(which no one at the store told me would happen when I got the replacement)  I am so livid I don't understand why I have to get charged to, in my opinion,  downgrade to any phone that isn't a note 7!!!!

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Re: Why should I be charged to replace my note 7???
Verizon Employee


Our goal is that you always have a safe phone that you can rely on. I'm definitely sorry for any confusion over these charges but I'll be glad to explain and help. Taxes and the upgrade charge are charged on the replacement phone but they won't end up being extra. Once the Note is returned you will be refunded the charges from the original Note 7 so that you end up only paying one set of taxes and one upgrade charge. The charges are the same whether you do this online or in a store. For safety reasons we do highly recommend returning the Note 7.


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Re: Why should I be charged to replace my note 7???

I am having the exact same issue. I attempted to replace 2 note 7's online... only to see upgrade fee's, taxes and other fees listed and partially due at check out.... WHAT?!?!? It's not my fault the phone is faulty, and to boot, any comparable replacement device is a lesser phone and back ordered to boot. My wife is fed up with the situation and is replacing her Note 7 with the Iphone 7 Plus... but will have to wait until practically December before any are shipped out, AND Verizon will not provide a temp device in the interim. She has no device to roll back to at this point, so the options Verizon gave is to either go without a device for a month (which if that's the case I'm switching to ATT), or simply keep the potentially hazardous device until the replacement arrives, but taking on the risk of burns, damaged property, and or smoke inhalation. What the heck is going on with this botched recall. Why am I on the hook to pay more and wait for a replacement? I didn't sell this failed phone! I didn't choose to not have back ordered devices unavailable! Verizon's actions to help customers with resolving this debacle are incredibly ridiculous. The phone representative mentioned that "They are all scrambling to help their customers". REALLY?!? How could a cell phone provider not have a contingency plan for a situation where a phone needs to be recalled? What a shame. As a customer of Verizon for well over 10 years, this is absolutely pathetic. I feel the customer needs have been completely set aside.