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Wireless charging and s pen after 5.1.1 update

So tired of updates that do nothing but screw up devices. Got the popup to install the 5.1.1 update friday. Didnt use my wireless charger from then until yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I awoke to discover that my phone, while sitting on my wireless charging stand, went for 35% to 20% while I took a 5 hr nap. Thought to myself maybe i didnt have it on the charger right, placed it back on and walked away for half hr, to come back and fine the phone down to 18%. Picked the phone up and placed it on again, it shows its charging, but apparently its not, and Im now getting a pop up when I place the phone on the wireless charger that states Now charging wirelessly, note that your s pen may not work properly while wireless charging is in progress. Never got this message before and now it wont charge on the wireless charger, was fine until the update........

Call tech support and get the standard do a factory reset, which as always doesnt fix the issue. Anyone else having this issue since the update? So now I wait for a callback that will never come, since now im stuck with a device with a software issue, that cant be removed verizon doesnt know how to fix, so they have to contact samsung.

Maybe if vzw cant release an update that doesnt screw something up, quit releasing updates that are "supposed" to fix and improve phones. Havent had one yet that doesnt mess something up, and of course ya cant opt out of them, and ya cant remove them either when they are buggy and mess up your previously working fine phone. Verizon, now us customers pay full retail prices for these devices, how about you start handing us control over what is in these phones. Get rid of the bloatware that you install and 3/4 of that preinstalled junk noone ever uses, or at least let us delete what we dont want taking up memory in the devices that now cost your company ZERO since we pay 100% of the cost of the phone. I will say this, the upgrades I did on my lines in 2015 will be the LAST phones I buy thru verizon.

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Re: Wireless charging and s pen after 5.1.1 update

Sorry about the issue. I too HATE buggy updates.. However with how the system all works it's VERY difficult to release an update that ALL devices like and agree with..

I have a few questions.. What kind of wireless pad do you have? What do you have for the receiving end on the phone? Is it the Samsung branded back or something else? Is it the original battery?

Unfortunately I do not have any wireless charging capability so I can't test mine to see if I have any of the same issues....

Re: Wireless charging and s pen after 5.1.1 update

The wireless charger is the one sold to me by Verizon when I upgraded to this phone, in which I was told it would wirelessly charge, which was a flat out lie, yeah it does after I spent 35 on the back, which no one happened to mention forget putting a case on the phone with the wireless charging back on it, which then led to returning the back and case and how has the wireless charging Scover on it. I have tested the wireless charger and it charges other devices just fine(not my devices mind you had to have friend bring their device over to test the charger). Factory battery is still in the phone. Finally after contacting vzw tech support 4 times, I get told this is a known issue with the update and no fix as of yet, so yup 70 dollar charger that does me no good. And wont do me any good for 3-12 months, how ever long it takes vzw and Samsung to come out with yet another update, that may or may not fix the issue

UMMM, in regards to your comment about very difficult to release an update that all devices like, all I can do is LOL on that one. Then how about making so that if an update makes a device buggy, then the CUSTOMER whos paying full retail price for the device, be able to revert back to the old version of the software that worked just fine?? Same goes for all of the Bloatware that vzw installs that I use NONE of and should be able to remove, I'm talking like the NFL mobile, peel smart remote, Instagram, talk back, I don't need nor want these in my device but I'm not given a choice. Like I said these will be the last devices I buy from vzw, plenty of other ways to get devices now days.

Re: Wireless charging and s pen after 5.1.1 update
Customer Support

We very much understand how important it is to have a device that recognizes the wireless charger, Shawn. May I ask if the device has been tested in Safe Mode? This certainly hasn't been found as a "known issue" with the device. Any power saving mode currently on with the device?
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