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email reloads after delete

Howdee all.

I have the Note 4, and am on the latest release of Android for my area. 6.0.1

I'm using the default Samsung email client that comes with the phone. It shows the white envelope background, with the red @ symbol in the middle.

Starting at some point last year, I think during the spring, the emails I'd delete would repopulate. I thought it was something my ISP had done, because they've been going through lots of software updates, and changes on their website. I finally got some time today to talk with them, and found it's not them.

I wasn't sure if I should call Samsung or not, so I'm starting here.

How do I get the settings in the email to allow me to set a permanent deletion of any emails I delete. It worked that way before, but at some point, with the Verizon update issued last year, or the autumn before-- 2016-- it changed, and each and every time I'd delete an email, it'd repopulate, within 5 or so minutes.

It's got me in a tizzy with my ISP, and they don't understand the problem.



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Re: email reloads after delete
Customer Support

Thank you for providing all the great details, SteveBMe! It would definitely be inconvenient to have deleted emails repopulate. Don't worry we will do our best to resolve this concern. 


I know you had mentioned that there was a Verizon update last year. Can you please clarify as far as what type of update was done (software/app)? Have you attempted to sign out of all email accounts and sign back in? When you delete an email on your phone and it repopulates, have you been able to confirm if it shows back up in the inbox while logged into your email on a computer? Are you able to test this both ways, deleting an email from the computer and seeing if it still shows up in your phone's email? 


Please let us know the results of these steps. We definitely want to get this fixed.



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