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give me my 4.4! i have had enough with 4.3

ever since 4.3 installed, while I was on a road trip, i have not been able to control the function of the phone's music player from my pioneer head unit avh-p4400bh. this function is the reason i went to verizon, started a contract and bought the note 2. now i have unlock my phone, because i have it password protected for reasons, and then search through my phone quickly at stop lights to find a song or playlist and it is maddening. the only thing the head unit can do now is increase/decrease the volume. I have done every trick that is posted on the internet from clearing the cache, turning off google now, unchecking clicky box ect ect ect. If I dont get 4.4 very very very soon and or when i do get it and I find out that 4.4 is not the saving grace that it is supposed to be and i am stuck with this same problem you can bet, verizon, that I will be cancelling my contract and moving on to a different provider.

Re: give me my 4.4! i have had enough with 4.3

kitkat came out today