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incoming call from name I don't recogize

So this is off topic but I will always start with (until they fix it!) the fact that VZW/Google forces their updates down our throat.  The new OS sucks, plain and simple.

My current issue started when I had to get a replacement phone.  Shortly after using my replacement phone I started getting phone calls from someone I don't know.  I am used to this but what I don't understand is why their name (who knows if it is correct...) shows up which I don't like because this person isn't in my address book, why?  Also once I dismiss the call my missed call email notification shows an entirely different name...  This person (or bot probably, if anyone knows how to stop those please let us all know) called twice today already.

If someone could please tell me why a random name shows up that isn't in my contacts and how to stop it I would be greatful.  If they aren't in my contacts I don't want their name to show up so I know not to answer it...

Not that this should matter but I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 running Android 6 something (The full OS version doesn't matter to me because it sucks.  I went from a Note 4 running kit kat beautifully to this useless [removed] paperweight) .  I usually have Mr. Number loaded for call identification and blocking but I haven't installed it yet and my voicemail is YouMail which usually gives me the identity of any calls that I have missed or sent to voicemail.

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Re: incoming call from name I don't recogize
Customer Support



Sorry for any confusion with your Caller ID service. This could be caused by either your OS, or by other people using a feature from their end that pushes a name caller ID to the recipient. We also offer this service for our customers. We call ours Share Name ID. You can learn about it here: Basically if it happens on most calls, it's likely the latest software you got. If it's happening on some calls but not most, likely it's being pushed to you by the caller through a service. I hope this information helps.



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