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just off the flight...what a hassle?!

Has anyone ever carrying this newer (already replaced once) note7 to a plane?

i just did. what a hassle.  I'm asked to keep my phone off for the whole trip (even if I told them this is the "safe" version and not the "recalled" one).

Even worse, those passengers will give me a bad look thinking I was a trouble-maker to bring a Note7 onboard. (Yes, i know they concerned that the phone may exploded and it's catastrophic if that's happening during the mid-air).

I understood.

Well, nothing I could do except traveling without bringing my (only) cellphone.

Felt being discriminated for just having a Note7 these days.   Smiley Sad

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Re: just off the flight...what a hassle?!

Under the circumstances I would have kept the phone off or out of sight

FYI, Samsung has pulled the phone.   Return yours for a replacement.