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kit Kat battery drain

This new kit Kat update has ruined anything good I had to say about the note. My battery drains within hours of heavy use where before I could use it heavy for half a day at least. I walked around from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm did a few searches on maps took a few pictures and had to go back to my room because the battery was completely dead. By a few pictures I mean like 15 maybe. I only had under 40 in two days. This update is terrible keyboard was better previously. If your not forced to do the update don't do it. Verizon blows they take the longest to release and then mess it up and make it a terrible update when all other carriers love the kit Kat update on reviews for note 3. Thanks for having the best coverage highest bills and slowest device and software roll out. Damn shame you can't get it all right for the price you charge.

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Re: kit Kat battery drain
Customer Support


I'm sorry to learn of the issues this update has brought up. I know the importance of having a good battery life and want to get a bit more information. When you go to Settings>Battery what appears to be using the most battery? Is your Power saving mode on?

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Re: kit Kat battery drain

After all this anticipation of getting KK 4.4 and being the last phone to get it (Note3) now the only thing noticeable from the upgrade is "the down grade" in battery length. After turning on and tuning off all the suggested tweeks; short of another factory reset, I have seen that this is a Google/Samsung problem. WHY DOSENT VERIZON GET BEHIND ITS CUSTOMERS AND PUSH FOR A ANSWER????!!!!

The leaked information about KK 4.4.3 addressing this "functional issue" should be validated by VERIZON. If it is true we as Verizon customers should NOT  be held hostage on the typical Johnny come lately/last update time table as well.

Kit Kat 4.4.3 rumor

Kit Kat 4.4.3 testing

Re: kit Kat battery drain


I must be one of the lucky ones since my battery consumption is about the same as it was when I first got the Note 3, and haven't experienced a battery drain issue as of yet. I would consider myself a moderate user, which is why the battery has lasted a little over 2 days. On heavier usage days the battery lasts me around 24 hours.

Re: kit Kat battery drain

Yes my drain is terrible too after kitkat.. It's losing 4-5% when idle Smiley Sad