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little to no service

Is Verizon reducing the power to their towers? Within the past year or so, my service has gone bad. At first, I thought it was because I was still using my Note 4 and that maybe it was the conversion to 5G that was causing the problem. After wasting my time going around and around with Verizon over that, I finally "upgraded" to a Note 10+ 5G just to find out that the problem still exists and we don't even have 5G in the area yet. Since getting the phone, the service quality has declined. Now, in places where I used easily get 3+ bars of 4GLTE service, I may only get one or two bars, or 3G, or maybe no G at all. I used to be able to have data service in places where I don't have it now, which makes no sense since the places are still geographically located at the same spots on the planet and towers seem to be abundant everywhere. At my house located in a populated area of the city I live in, I usually only get two bars of 4G. Even right now in my office at work, I am sitting here with 3G and bouncing back and forth between one and two bars and sometimes, even having no service at all. I've already reset my network connections and that didn't do anything but make me lose all the network passwords I had. The phone is updated and aside from the service issue, works completely fine.

What gives Verizon?

Re: little to no service
Customer Support


Oh no, fosgate3! This is certainly not the experience we want you to have! It's our priority to provide a seamless network experience, and we are concerned to hear that you are experiencing challenges with your service. We would love the opportunity to help you today! Can you please elaborate more? What zip code is this issue occuring at? Does it happen at a particular time of day?   ~Rachel

Re: little to no service

I'm not sure what more I can say to elaborate more but if you have specific questions, I will be glad to answer them. As stated, I fought the issue when I still had the Note 4. I loved the phone and never had any problems with it. It was old, true, but it worked perfectly and I had no reason to change it. In fact, I'm considering going back to it since the upgrade to the 10+5G didn't do anything at all. Sometimes, I lose service altogether such as where I was visiting this weekend and had zero everything (meanwhile, the person who was with me and uses AT&T had full service all day long).

The zip codes for the areas affected are 71201, which is where I live, and 71291, which is where I work. I was also in the area of 71280 earlier this week at an elementary school where I was working with a student. I needed to text a colleague in the school but couldn't do anything because I had no service---and this school is located in a well-developed area full of businesses along US Hwy 165...yet no bars, no data, no nothing. 

The problems do not seem to have any relationship to what time of day it is. They persist even if I restart the phone or, as stated, reset the network connections. I thought perhaps I needed to get a new SIM card for the phone when I upgraded, thinking that could have been the culprit and also that maybe we had 5G in the already and my old SIM was keeping the phone from working. But one evening, a young man who was works for Verizon but waits tables at a restaurant as a side job told me that a) we don't have 5G where we are yet and b) there shouldn't be a reason to change the SIM card. Of course, this was all on the fly and was only brought up because he saw the Note 10+5G and started into a conversation about getting me to upgrade to the latest Galaxy phone, etc. etc. etc. I have no desire to upgrade to another phone at this point. Clearly, that didn't work before.

When I first made this post, I had 3G and one or two bars. I'm still in the same office and now my phone says I have 4G now but still only one bar, but then it goes up to two bars, then three, and now it's back to one (it's done all this in the amount of time it took for me to write this sentence.). It's extremely frustrating too because right now, I just tried to send a text to a co-worker but it won't send with 4G and one bar only (which is something else that I've noticed over the past few years) and I get the wonderful "couldn't send message" notification.

Oh I have two bars and my message was sent. It's very hit and miss.