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note 3 reception fix?

I just moved my home office to the basement and surprise, my Note 3 has lousy reception.

While my Wife's Iphone 5 has 3 bars and clear calls.

So much for a flagship phone.

Sadly working with verizon support is just useless pain.

no one stays with verizon for support, or cost, just signal

Any fix that might work?

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Re: note 3 reception fix?
Sr. Member

There is actually widespread discontent with the note 3 reception across carriers. This is the best information I have been able to find on the issue. This is from this site: Galaxy Note 3: 10 Problems Users Have and How to Fix Them | Digital Trends

"A number of owners have complained about fluctuating signal strength, even  when the Note 3 isn’t moving. There are also reports about calls that drop a few  seconds or so after connecting, or calls that fail after apparently good signal  strength drops to zero on placing a call. If you find this is happening to you  and you’re able to make calls without problems using a different phone in the  same area, then here are some ideas.


  • If you have a decent Wi-Fi or network connection then you could use a VoIP  app as a backup. Try something like Skype, Tango,  or Viber.

Potential solutions:

  • To rule out a third-party app try booting into safe mode. Turn the Note 3  off and then press and hold the Power button and when the Samsung logo  appears on screen, press and hold the Volume down key until the lock  screen appears. If it worked you’ll see “safe mode” in the lower left corner. If  your calls work perfectly then an app is causing the problem. A factory reset  and selective reinstall is probably the fastest way to catch it.
  • This could be related to your carrier and local network. It’s worth  contacting them to ask about local service. You could try changing your PRL  (Preferred Roaming List); some people have reported success with this. You can  use the PRL Helper app and find a list of numbers at the XDA Developers forum.
  • There’s a chance it’s your hardware’s fault. Contact your carrier, retailer,  or Samsung about a replacement handset"

Re: note 3 reception fix?
Customer Support

There is certainly an option to tackle structural interference Protec! Moving your office down to the basement can certainly impact the signal. While we are unable to guarantee indoor service due to multiple factors outside of our control, and structural interference ranking high on the list, the Network Extender is designed to improve your indoor wireless experience. Give it a try.

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Re: note 3 reception fix?

Thanks however i did some research and found that site.

I have tried safe mode and also did a factory restore, without result.

I tried the suggestions that didn't involve being once again a beta tester for samsung and verizion.

judging by the number of forum complaints with the exact same symptoms, the claim the last update has caused or exacerbated the problem, my failure to locate ANY reported successes in resolving the matter, and the sadly expected lack of coherent response from verizon.

Its time to move on to another brand of phone.

Thank you for your help.

Re: note 3 reception fix?

Good try, but perhaps reiterating the fact that a verizion iphone, in the same local, does not exhibit any failures, would alter your advice?

Only a poor engineer adds complexity to resolve a basic flaw.