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note7 refund issues....

  I received an email on 11/16 stating that I was going to receive a credit for $183.22 for the second round of note7's my wife and I had. It states that it is for taxes, accessories and everything paid for the note7's. The breakdown on the bill showed taxes were refunded for both phones and 1 of the plastic screen savers was refunded. Problem is what about the phone cases, car charger, and (2) GLASS screen protectors we paid for. We were also charged a $20/line upgrade fee when we went from the second set of "time bombs" to the iPhone7's, and were only refunded that when I called and complained about all of this on 11/22 and it was interesting to learn how the CS personnel aren't very knowledgeable about the returns. I was asked when I was going to return the accessories for the credit. I informed her that if you read the faq's on the Verizon website, it states that returning them is not necessary, they don't fit anything else.  I also wouldn't mind the $25/line credit for the hours on hold and at the stores for all of this [removed].

The accessories themselves add up to over $180!! Verizon needs to go back to the first set of note7's we bought on August 19 and see all the accessories we purchased.

  I also am irritated at the fact that we traded in an s6 and an s6edge when we got the first Note7's, so we had no phones whatsoever to replace the second recalled set. We had to upgrade to the 256mb iPhones(for an extra $200/each) because they were the only ones available at the time.

The return boxes is another fiasco. I called 2 1/2 weeks after we got the iPhones, because no boxes had shown up. I was first told to call Samsung, and they told me Verizon is supposed to take care of that. A week later 1 showed up, so I waited a week and called them about getting another one, we got the second a about 3 days later. The following week 2 more boxes showed up?!?!

  Hopefully, others that read this keep an eye out on these returns to make sure everything gets refunded. I am just finding it really hard to get someone that (1) Knows what they are doing in terms of this recall and (2) Has the power to actually do something. I've been a customer for almost 15 years and AT&T is looking better everyday, my father-in-law has been with them for 15 years and has never had an issue.

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Re: note7 refund issues....

Wow! your not alone this same scenario happen to me and to many others all I can say is continue to follow up until it is all resolved.

Re: note7 refund issues....

It's interesting how Verizon CS seems to respond to some questions and not others. I originally wrote my post on black friday, took them 3 days to approve it, but they didn't bother to answer why after 2 billing cycles since we "upgraded" to non-Samsung phones, accessories, hassle credits and whatnot haven't been refunded and why I got an email 2 weeks ago saying I had a credit for $183.22 coming and have yet to see it.