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phone looses cell network, can not re-connect

my husbands Galaxy S5 started loosing cell connection and not being able to regain reception unless turned off and turned back on.

Then it runs down the battery searching for service.

We replaced the SIM card. no improvement. We did a factory reset, no improvement. we replaced the phone, new phone is doing the same thing.

Retained SIM card and battery.

My S5 has none of these problems.

Does anyone have any ideas that will help us?

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Re: phone looses cell network, can not re-connect

Does his cell service improve when he goes elsewhere? Are you having perfect reception and his phone none while in the same spot?

Changing phones should have helped it if it were a device issue. I would attempt to change the network settings:

Settings>More Networks>Mobile Networks>Network Mode

If it's set to Global, change it to LTE/CDMA and toggle airplane mode on and then off. If it's set to LTE/CDMA change it to global and toggle airplane mode on and then off.

In the future toggling airplane mode on and off should reacquire your network vs restarting the device.