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I've been a Verizon customer for over for a very long time!!!! It's is very frustrating when I pay money for what it suppose to be a flag ship device, and it can't complete the simplest task of making and or maintaining a signal to make a phone call. At times I can't even send a text. Sometimes the device will say 4Glte, but will say no network when I attempt to text or make a phone call. In fact it's doing it as I attempt to type this message.  Have done factory reset, sim card swap, yet nothing works. It's funny that if I don't pay my bill I get my service canceled! But when I get horrible service I just have to live with it or pay a Crap load of money to opt out of my contract! Verizon needs to make this right!!!!

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Re: reception
Customer Support

Hello freezway,

Having a good signal is crucal to phone and carrier happiness, and I want to restore your confidence in our service.

I see you've already gone through extensive troubleshooting with your device, and I appreciate the time you've taken to get through these steps. What make & model phone do you have? What zip code do you live in? Do you have these issues in one specific location, or everywhere you go? I look forward to your response, and getting this resolved.

Thank you,
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Re: reception

Id like to say that I have experienced the same issues I see all over this board. It started off fair just a very low signal inside the house as soon as I walked thru the front door. I couldn't maintain a call and even if I did I couldn't understand it all because it was so on and out. Trying to use the internet was useless. Any thing needing to use data was useless. I called and talked to a very helpful guy named Jason who had me do the normal procedures that didn't work. Then we tried a brand spanking new sim which I thiought might have helped a little but not enough to be useful. He said he would have a tech higher up call me and the next day I received a call from another helpful guy and after a few more things we tried he said that he would send me a replacement over night. I received it earlier than expected the next day inserted my sim and everything is working fantastic. Better signal than ever in the house. Calls are crystal clear and never drops. And as of yet have never lost a data connection. I hear a it about bad techs and service but I wanted to at least say that the two guys that helped me where courteous and did exactly what they said they would do and it got me where a phone off this price and caliper should have been from day one.  Hopefully you'll get the same kind of service I received . Gould luck to everyone that's having j issues with their note 3. Which is a fantastic device when it works correctly.     Jesse