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recourse for botched/refused note 7 replacement

Where can I find someone at Verizon who has a clue about customer service and defective products?

I returned a new Note 7 as soon as I heard about the fire hazard, and was given an S7 "TEMPORARILY" until the replacement Note 7 was available. Then the cancellation of Note 7 was announced, so I decided to trade the temporary replacement S7 for a 7 edge, the device I would have purchased if the Note 7 was not available. (I never wanted or intended by buy an S7.)

Verizon sends a notice that I must place an order to replace the Note 7 by tomorrow, Sunday, 10/16/2016.

So I go to the store where the staff says "too late, we already replaced your Note 7" - which is true, they replaced it with a device of THEIR choosing as a TEMPORARY loaner that I never intended to own and never willingly purchased.

I talk to the manager at another store who first says "we will get this resolved for you" -- and after wasting another half hour of my time says, "there is nothing I can do today. I will contact you again by Monday." Meanwhile, the deadline imposed by Verizon for me to make the exchange is Sunday.

Verizon customer service is closed - nobody at Verizon is available to talk to me to get this resolved and their deadline for me to act is hours away.

I understand that Verizon did not design or manufacture the defective devices - but they did sell it to me.

I could probably imagine worse customer service, but it would take more time and effort that I'm willing to spend. Verizon is demonstrating such profound disrespect for customers, it's amazing.

After more than a decade with Verizon, I guess it's time to move on, perhaps with a stop in small claims court on the way.

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Re: recourse for botched/refused note 7 replacement

I would go on Twitter and contact them there. I actually created my Twitter account just because of this. They are helpful there.

Re: recourse for botched/refused note 7 replacement
Verizon Employee

This recall has certainly come as a new experience for us all, JRT11. I really appreciate all your patience and effort to make sure you have a safe phone and the device you want in hand and I certainly wouldn’t want our relationship as your wireless provider to end on this note. I have sent you a Private Message here in the forum. Please access to continue to discuss the options for your phone and get the feedback to the right team of managers.

Thank you


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