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I currently have the iphone5. Its a good phone, I've had it for one year now and never had a problem with it but was thinking about upgrading to the NOTE 3.

So I guess my question is for thouses who had both phones. What phone is better the Note 3 or iphone?

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Re: the decision

I had all versions of Iphone.  Became a bit bored with Iphone and the small screen size.  Moved up to Galaxy S4. Now I moved to Galaxy Note 3 primarily because of screen size and the watch and because I was able  to sell S4 at good price.

I can tell you I loved my Iphone and I love my Note 3. Which is  better is purely subjective and based on what you are looking for in a phone.  If you are looking for ease of use and navigating the  phone there is no comparison and the iphone is your clear leader.  Just look at home many little kids navigate iphone and  ipad with no adult supervison. I think it would be much more dificult in Android

If  you are  looking to go beyond basic functionality, I believe Android is superior but this comes at a price as Android is not nearly as intuitive as  Iphone. 

You will learn that you can transfer music, pictures etc via Android File Transfer so this  should not be an obstacle , just not as pretty as an itunes update

Hope that helps

Re: the decision
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Android can required more time, and can cause mo headaches..their market place isn't as locked down as the iOS and you up with poor versions of apps..if you got any friends with an older android see if you can check it out..