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Filing a complaint for Breach of Contract

I recently transferred from AT&T to Verizon, after discussing offers that were available to me.  Since this time, I have been unable to resolve the issue with the offer that was provided to me.  I have attempted to contact Customer Service multiple times to get it resolved.  Each time, I am told its fixed....only to need to contact Verizon again within a few weeks and start the process all over.

The last time I talked to a manager, who assured me he would call me back after fully investigating the issue and tell me what they could do to resolve the issue.  The manager never called me back, but updated my account indicating that I agreed to a settlement far below what I was offered.  I did not talk to the manager and I would never agree to an amount less than half of what was offered.

I have attempted to obtain a mailing address to send all the detailed information, but apparently based on all the Customer Service Representatives - You do not have a mailing address and they suggested searching GOOGLE for it.

I have contacted an attorney who indicated to inform you:  In the event such amount is not credited to my account in the next fourteen (14) days, I will have no choice but to bring an action in small claims court for such damages as well as payment to my attorney for costs or representation. 

I have attempted to resolve this  issue multiple times with your customer service representatives, only to be given bad information and to be lied to.  I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau immediately.  If someone does not provide a solution to obtain the Full Offer that was provided to me during the transfer, I will be filling a legal action as per my attorney.

Please contact me, based on my account information associated with my logon immediately or provide me with a Postal Mail Mailing Address to send the detailed information.

Based on multiple complaints in this forum by other customers, it appears that Verizon constantly refuses to abide by their contract agreements concerning rebates/refunds/offers.  As of now, Verizon is in Breach of Contract and by indicating that I agreed to a settlement without ever contacting me and without my agreement, Verizon has also committed Fraud.

Re: Filing a complaint for Breach of Contract

Yeah, I hear ya. I'm having a similar problem and I'll probably have to take them to Small Claims Court as well. They're all talk and no action. Instead of trying to find a solution to this ongoing problem they simply sweep it under the rug. 

Re: Filing a complaint for Breach of Contract
Customer Support

This is not the experience we want for our customers, NIMIIPU4. Our goal is for you to take advantage of all the available offers. We want to help you look into this further. Please share more details on this issue you are experiencing.