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Galaxy S6 I can't hear callers but they can hear me

Has happened on two phones (original and the replacement). The first time I was talking with a headset plugged into the phone. After that I could no longer hear callers, even after factory reset. Had the replacement phone less than 24 hours when it happened again. I had blue toothed the phone earlier to my speaker, but even after turning off bluetooth and unpairing the device, still couldn't hear. Tried disabling Ok Google as I found that as a solution for the S5 and it worked...for less than an hour. Verizon checked the lines and even had me factor reset without restoring apps and nothing.  I'm getting my THIRD phone delivered but am worried that it's going to happen again. Does anyone with tech savvy or experience have any ideas? Because I can't function like this. It's getting in the way of my ability to communicate with clients. I've been with Verizon for 10+ years, but if this keeps up I will go find another provider. I'm losing money on the tempered glass screen protectors I keep having to buy for each phone!!

Sorry for the rambling, I'm just very frustrated.


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Re: Galaxy S6 I can't hear callers but they can hear me

It's hard to believe that it is happening with two Galaxy S6's. Make sure bluetooth is off and don't use any bluetooth headset on your calls or speaker box, etc. Does this happen in just one specific area or location? If so it is probably network related and not an issue with the phone. Make sure Advanced Calling is on in settings so you can make calls over the 4G network or turn it off to test out any difference. If it happens with the 3rd device in question, you should have Verizon file a network ticket for you as it cannot be the device at that point anymore......