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Galaxy S7 won't start up; no way to have phone checked without buying a new one.

Our Galaxy S7 that is about 6 months old will not start up. It is still under warranty. The only solution offered by Verizon staff is to order a new one and send in this defective one. IF the phone is defective, warranty will cover it and the new phone will be free. But IF the phone has been damaged, say by sitting down with it in your pocket, we will be charged "400 or 500 dollars" (guess the rep didn't know for sure) for the new phone

Here's what we want to do. We want to send in the phone without getting a new one automatically, and see if it needs a repair that is covered by the warranty. If so, we'll be happy to get a free replacement.

What we DON'T want is to do is what is apparently the only solution: get a new phone, send in the old one, and then start using the new phone while we wait to see if the problem is covered by warranty. Because then what seems likely to happen is that the repair won't be covered by warranty and we'll end up paying the remainder of what's owed on the phone that doesn't work, plus being charged "$400 or $500" for a new one.

According to Verizon there is no way to first check and see what the phone needs.

Of course, this was accompanied by a scolding for not buying the insurance.

I would have made this complaint privately but there appears to be no forum for emailing the company, and I have no desire to spend more of my day wading through the phone system to get a person on line that can help.

Not pleased, Verizon.

Family plan customer of nearly 10 years

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Re: Galaxy S7 won't start up; no way to have phone checked without buying a new one.
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I would go straight to Samsung I have seen a lot of complaints about this. They will be able to tell you before you buy another phone. Of course you will be without a phone til they figure it out .Please let us know what you decide and how it turns out.

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Re: Galaxy S7 won't start up; no way to have phone checked without buying a new one.
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Should VZW decide to replace your phone, the replacement won't be new.  It will be a reconditioned, used one.

Re: Galaxy S7 won't start up; no way to have phone checked without buying a new one.
Customer Support

It looks like you are in need of additional options, emilyhayden4. My apologies that everything was not presented when working with us earlier.  To give you a fuller picture on what happens when sending in the device, here’s a link to some examples of phones outside the scope of being under warranty:

As long as your S7 has no physical or liquid damage, you’ll be in the clear.

Another opportunity there is would be to have it examined by a Samsung specialist at the Samsung Experience Store inside of Best Buy. There a Samsung Tech will look at the same things that would be looked at by the Verizon Wireless warehouse. This I believe will provide peace of mind. Here is more on this option:

What do you think?


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Re: Galaxy S7 won't start up; no way to have phone checked without buying a new one.

Here is how this was finally resolved, after nearly a month without this phone.

1. visited a different Verizon store (both in Lincoln, NE) and was told that I would need to work directly with Samsung, just as one of the replies to my blog post suggested (thank you!) If we had been told that at the first Verizon store we might have saved a week.

2. contacted Samsung. None of the eventual repairs or mailings to Samsung cost anything, although it did take some time. Samsung provided pre-paid UPS label for mailing in the phone. First time I sent it back they returned it saying they had replaced the battery but were unable to repair the phone because there was some security code on the phone that prevented their access. We had not put any security code on the phone and even if we had there was not way to remove that from the phone because the phone STILL would not power up.

3. Called Samsung again, 2 times. Asked them to please go through diagnostics this time, not just put in new battery and call it good. Sent it back a second time. Got it back today, and service detail says that they replaced the PBA (physical button operation, I believe) an they also checked battery and touch screen responsiveness.

4. The phone now powers up and seems to be working fine. I am leary of this product and company now, because it took 2 times sending it in and multiple phone calls to get them to actually listen to the customer (me), do the diagnostics, and make the repair. This phone is 7 months old and was purchased new.