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Galaxy S9+ Bluetooth Notification issues on PIE

Since the PIE update notifications have stopped working while bluetooth is connected.  I no longer receive ANY audible notification sound with bluetooth connected. Verizon needs to address this ASAP!!  I am missing important texts if I respect the law and use handsfree while driving. Verizon please fix this!!!

Re: Galaxy S9+ Bluetooth Notification issues on PIE
Customer Support

Your well being is our top priority, and we know how important it is for to hear notifications for important texts to use with hands-free features while driving, jmadams. We always want to make sure your notifications function correctly, and we'll be more than happy to help. We have some questions to better assist. How would you use your hands- free features for text messages before the update? What is your experience with calls while connected to Bluetooth? 


Re: Galaxy S9+ Bluetooth Notification issues on PIE

I have the same problem on my S9 plus and I found the answer on another forum. You have to turn the audio off on the settings from the bluetooth device that you are connected to.  Once you are connected, go into your bluetooth setting for that device and make the change. (You must be connected before you make the change or it won't work)  But remeber, you lose the audio option for playing music over bluetooth for that device but you gain back the sound notification.  Works for me as I never play music from my phone when it is connected via bluetooth in the car, I always just listen to my music on a USB stick.