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Galaxy S9+ - SD card photo issue

I upgraded recently from a Galaxy S7 Edge to a Galaxy S9+ and am having issue with my SD card.

After I got the S9+ up and running I unmounted my SD card in my S7 Edge and then installed in the S9+.  When I go to my Gallery, 312 of the 1350 pictures/videos etc. appear in the Gallery and I cannot figure out why?  If I go to "My Files" and look at the SD card, I can see and open up any picture/video so I know they are on there but for some reason still do not show in the Gallery.  I have connected the phone to a PC and can see them on the SD card so not sure what's going on.

I have searched the web and done almost everything possible to get them to show up but still nothing.  I have don

- Connected phone to PC and copied all files to the PC and reformatted the SD card.  I have took a picture with the phone to create a "Camera" folder on the SD card and then copied my pictures from the PC back to the SD card "Camera' folder.  Still 312 of 1350 pictures are visible.

- I have went to the SD card in "My Files" and  in "Settings" chose "Show hidden files" and searched for .nomedia file which didn't find one.  Also looked for it while connected to PC and still did not find .nomedia file.

- Factored reset the phone and still nothing..

- Unmounted the SD card from S9+ and reinstalled SD card to S7 Edge and all pictures/videos appear in Gallery.

- Went to "Apps/All Apps/Gallery" and cleared Cache and Data

What am I missing, has anyone else had this issue and if so, how'd did you correct it?

I have a midnight Black S9+ and my wife has a Blue S9 +, she also went from an S7 Edge to a S9+ and when we loaded her SD card from the S7 Edge to the S9+, there were no issues; her pictures from the SD card appear in the Gallery.

Please help, getting very frustrated!!

Thank you,


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Re: Galaxy S9+ - SD card photo issue
Customer Support




Congratulations on your upgrade to the S9+. We want you to be able to view all your pictures in one place, so we're sorry to learn that you're experiencing some complications. You've done a lot of work and we appreciate your efforts. You mentioned that your wife also completed the same upgrade and has no issues viewing the pictures on her SD card. Have you tried inserting your SD card into her S9+ to see if they're visible? 



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