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Google isn't working

After a recent update to my Samsung 7 Edge, I am unable to use Google.  I can search a topic but cannot view any of the results from my search. Internet is connected, and all other phone features work as normal. I have uninstalled/reinstalled and restarted the phone several times since the problem solving up-date. Any suggestions for getting this corrected? No need to continue paying for the data plan if I am not going to be able to use it!

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Re: Google isn't working

are you logged in to google??

Re: Google isn't working
Sr. Member

If you can search through Google and get results, but can't click a search result link, that isn't a data connection issue. Can you connect to other sites via the browser? Can you connect to Facebook or other sites? As bearone21 asked, are you signed into your Google account? Are you running the most current version of the Google app? If you can connect to other sites, there is no issue with the data. It is Google related.

Re: Google isn't working
Customer Support

There are a number of great questions here in this thread, vmpowers. I'm confident we'll get this back to normal together.

When you mention Google, do you mean this app here:

If this is the case, one suggestion is to use the Play Store and search for Google. Once found, please Uninstall the app followed by a reinstall. Let us know your results.


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Re: Google isn't working

my trouble is i can't use

'ok google" search. it either don't work or comes up a black screen