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Group Messages from Iphone Users

Ok, I am so mad, I am about to spit nails.  All of my family, but one still use Iphones and I just replaced mine with the S4.  I have searched and searched and tried many different things, but anytime one of them sends a group message, I do not receive it as the Apple servers are still trying to send it via Imessage.  I have turned Imessage off on my Ipad.  I have gone to the apple site and unregistered my phones from them.  I have unregistered the phone number in Icloud and on Imessage. I have asked my family to change my contact info from being on an iphone to mobile.  I even had my wife delete my contact info from her phone and reenter it.  Nothing has worked!

The only way I receive group messages is if someone in the group does not and never has used an iphone before.  Then I see them.

Has anyone any idea what is going on and how to fix it?


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Re: Group Messages from Iphone Users

Ok, I called Apple and this is what they told me to do.  Have all my Iphone using friends completely delete my contact info from their phone, go out of contacts and reenter it.  Then try a new group message.  So far, it seems to have worked!

They were even gracious when I told them I switched, but then again, I think they are getting ridiculed about this week's announcement, so may be trying to play nice....

Anyway, this is what seems to be working for me.