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How I traded my s3 with 4.3 problems for a Note 3 for free.

I thought I would share this.

I had the 4.3 update in december, and after a few total restores still had the same problems as everyone else.

As I cannot risk hacking the phone as I use it for business I called verizon and here is what happened. You can read the bold parts if you wish to skim the article

1. Sent to asurion who sent me a "new" phone.

I got the phone the next day and excitedly attempted to activate it.

2. Two problems. Firstly the "new" phone is not like my last asurion warranty which was brand new. this is a manufactured phone. also it has 4.3 preinstalled. also it is broken and will not recognize any sim card.

3. Like a dummy I activate the handset because maybe then the sim will be recognized. NOPE!
So now i have two phones that do not work in front of me. I had to call verizon using Google Voice and my webcam and finally got someone in the department that deals with people ready to cancel who was able to get my somewhat working but still 4.3 infected phone running. She recommended that I call asurion and ask for a different device. The verizon rep actually admitted that verizon forces the install of updates really, and that this is why i should ask for a new device, different model or brand altogether.

4. Called asurion and got a manager and explained that this problem is software, all devices that they send me have the problematic software, and that they on top of that sent me a straight up defective phone that takes no sim. told them that verizon suggested i ask for a different device.

at this point there is no way I am thinking this will work and they will offer me like, and iphone 4 or old LG phone which would be free or $49 on contract.

5. I was nice to everyone. all along the way, but stressed this is a samsung software updated that is being done by verizon. Each subsequent phone will be "broken" unless a fix is made and for a 2 year old phone this may or may not happen.

6. Rep went to "see what she could do" and came back and offered me a brand new retail box Samsung Galaxy note 3, with battery, charger, carrying case and headset.

So yeah. wow

  • The key points were that I was nice to EVERYONE but stressed my story. Which is true.

  • I work on my phone and missing calls has missed me money. In Las Vegas where i have loads of competition the callback number is often a casino with 3000 rooms.
  • This problem will apparently exist in all models i get. I hoped for the previous update of 4.1.x and would have kept it that way except...
  • Verizons own rep had told me that the software updates eventually install on their own, even if they are rejected by a user. The verizon rep suspected but could not confirm safety updates as a reason.

So i hope this can help someone else out there.

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