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How to turn off phone while in call??

I know there is a proximity sensor, and that I should have a setting to turn off my phone screen while in-call.  However, I've looked and looked and I do not have that option, or I can't find it, on my Galaxy 8+.  I push the phone button in the lower left, then menu, then look in call settings.  I've done all of my updates.  These are my options under Call Settings:  Block Numbers, Quick Decline Messages, Answer and Ending Calls, Show Caller Information, Show Calls In Pop-Up, Call Alters, Ringtones and Keypad Tones, More Settings.  And it's not in the More Settings either.  Does anyone know why I can't find this option that supposedly exists?

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Re: How to turn off phone while in call??
Sr. Member

Other than hitting the power button to turn the screen off during a call I'm not aware of separate settings for that

Re: How to turn off phone while in call??
Customer Support

I know the Proximity Sensor is an important feature, T_IN_MAINE. The sensor is at the very top of your phone, next to the Earpiece. (Opposite side of the camera.) However, it's an automatic feature that turns off the screen and disables touch functionality when the device is in close proximity to the body. It also turns the screen back on and enables touch functionality when it is outside a specific range to the body.

This isn't something that can be changed or adjusted. Does this help clarify the function of the proximity sensor?


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Re: How to turn off phone while in call??

settings/display/time out