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Individual app notification sounds after Oreo update

I see a lot of questions regarding the loss of contact or text notification sounds after the Oreo update, but I have lost all of my individual app notification sounds. Is there a way to get these back? I have tried going into several different apps and made changes where I can, but some (such as The Weather Channel, Twitter) simply don't have that option, even though they used to have their own individual sound when a notification came through.

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Re: Individual app notification sounds after Oreo update
Customer Support

Ceaton70 We realize it's important to get alerts. After any software update, you want to make sure you update all your apps. Please go to the Play Store to make sure you complete any pending updates. Please keep us posted.



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Re: Individual app notification sounds after Oreo update

After the Android software 8.0.0, 3.18.605.13 update on our HTC 10.0 phones, we keep getting unwanted notification sounds. Over and Over again. I have tried to deselect every app that could be giving a notification. The remaining notification is from my location settings. Why can't I turn the notification sound off for location? All I want is a notification sound for a new message. My phone worked perfect before this update, now it is very annoying all day long. I even turned the sound off, but that's not the answer.

I turned off the location setting, but I want updated weather on my home screan (just like before and no notification sound). While driving the location is updating and giving me a notification sound,,,,,stop it!

I would my phone to default to NO notifications after a software update and let me select the one I want.

After this update, all notifications were turned on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,terrible.

I read where there are many complaints about this issue, please push a patch to fix this problem,,,now!