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Nothing but problems with new update

I updated a few days ago and have had nothing but issues.

#1 the pop up numbers won't clear from texts even after I read them. Takes multiple times to clear.

#2 battery life is depleting quicker.

#3 it won't sync my bluetooth on my gmc Acadia unless I manually find it from my phone and search with my car at the same time.

Definitely backwards in my opinion  I got rid of my apple iPhone back in December because of constant issues with battery and updates that were horrible. I was really happy with my S8 until now  

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Re: Nothing but problems with new update
Sr. Member

I don't know if you have clear the cache partition or not but that will be the first thing that Verizon or Samsung will tell you to try if you call them for support.

Turn the phone off then press and hold volume up-power-home

Then when the phone goes into recovery mode use the volume down button to highlight

clear cache partition then press power then use volume down to say yes press power

again. Then just reboot the phone. This not change any of the settings on the just clears out

a bunch of the old files that maybe conflicting with the new files.

Sometimes this helps with the battery issues alone but can also help with certain conflicts with the new software.

Re: Nothing but problems with new update
Customer Support



Sorry to hear about the trouble with your new OS version. We know it's important to have a phone that's able to do everything it's designed to do. You can certainly try clearing the cache partition, as was mentioned. You'll want to also make sure that any and all available application updates have been completed after the OS update. Sometimes, you'll find that older applications won't work on the new OS properly until they're updated.There's also usually an optimization period after an OS update, which can last about one week or so. Typically battery life will improve gradually as the phone completes this function. Please let us know if you've been able to check for updates or perform any other troubleshooting steps, as well as if the issues persist. We hope you're having a nice day.