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Nougat update issues

I absolutely loved my S6 until the Nougat update.  As soon as the update was completed, I immediately began experiencing wifi issues at my own home!  And my phone's performance has deteriorated every day since the update.  So far I have experienced:

  • Wifi issues
  • Being unable to send/receive texts
  • GPS issues
  • Black screen of death in which the phone was completely inoperable
  • Wrong time being displayed
  • Camera/Video stops functioning

The "fix" to these issues are usually restarting the phone, updating apps, and wiping the system cache which I have tried and only work temporarily.  The other suggested fix is doing a factory reset which is completely unacceptable.  Why should I have to factory reset my phone because this update wasn't thoroughly tested.  I have an upcoming roadtrip and I'm nervous because I have I no idea if my gps will work or phone will become inoperable while I'm in route (which has already happened to me).  My formerly trusty phone has been ruined by Nougat.  Please find a way to permanently fix these issues or stop forcing us to take these updates!

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Re: Nougat update issues
Customer Support

iamking93 I regret to learn you are having so many issues with your device after this update. I would be upset as well and I do want to help you. It sounds like you have done some great troubleshooting already and I appreciate all the hard work you have done. I can understand not wanting to do a factory reset but since all these issues began after the software update that might be a needed step. Before you do the reset, I would recommend doing a health check on your phone as it will help you correct any issues it finds


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Re: Nougat update issues

Same sort of Issues with Nougat and Galaxy S6. Samsung could not fix nor Verizon. Fix was to flash the firmware back to Marshmallow. Sad lack of support from Verizon and Samsung. Hmm Iphone in the future?