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Oreo coming to S7 and S7 edge
Sr. Member

I wasn't sure if the S7 was going to get the Oreo up date but looks like it is

I have read on here how a lot of people are having problems with their S8

and the Oreo update. I hope the ones on here that are still having problems with

their S7's after the latest update get a fix for them before we get Oreo.

I must admit that after all the updates that my phone has gotten I have not had any

major problems with mine.

Altho I am almost done paying for it I hope this update does not do what marshmallow

did to my S5.

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Re: Oreo coming to S7 and S7 edge
Sr. Member

The question I am asking myself is do I want to update to it.

The last time I updated my phone when I was close to my contract

being up my S5 could not handle the update and I had to buy a new one.

Re: Oreo coming to S7 and S7 edge
Sr. Member

My plan for loading up Oreo on my phone is to bite the bullet and do a full backup and then FDR prior to updating.  My phone is not heavily moded so getting it back to my liking will not be a big effort. After the update I will work my phone without any added apps for a couple of days to make sure that all the phones functions are working as designed like phone calls, texts, sms, wifi, email, battery charge, battery discharge rate, alarms, notifications and more. If every thing is to my satisfaction then I will start reloading apps, one per day, testing it for 24 hours before adding more. This might be a little pain staking for most but I believe doing so will minimize any problems in the future.

Re: Oreo coming to S7 and S7 edge

As of today the graphic displayed when checking for updates has changed on my S7. Now it says:

Android™ 8.0 Oreo™ is coming soon...

You'll be first on our list to get it!