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Phone Replacemwnt question (fully insured)

If I complete my contract with Verizon and my phone breaks the next day after the contract can I still get a replacement?

If yes, what if it's already cracked and my I pay off my contract can I still get a replacement? I'm fully insured and this has been roaming my head for about 6-8 months now!!

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Re: Phone Replacemwnt question (fully insured)

wait 'til you're out o contract & want a freebie replacement???

a crack isn't justification for them to replace.

Re: Phone Replacemwnt question (fully insured)
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

I assume you mean an insurance replacement although this is not clear from your question. Your service contract has nothing to do with insurance. You can get an insurance replacement at any time as long as you are still making the premium payments.

Keep in mind that if you are looking at a 2 y/o phone since you have completed your 2 yr service contract, you may be able to get the same phone for a little less than your insurance deductible by making the purchase from a site such as You may also want to look into getting a new device instead of a factory refurbished device which is 2+ years old.

Whether or not a crack is justification to get a replacement, that is up to you. I've never heard of an insurance claim being denied because the damage is not sufficient as long as you pay the deductible. If you are worried about this,  you could always just say you lost the device and get a replacement for that reason. Of course you can no longer use the old device in this case and would either return it to Assurion saying you found it after receiving the replacement or simply throwing it away.

Re: Phone Replacemwnt question (fully insured)
Customer Support

I would be glad to clarify, zdoginterprise. In the event your phone is damaged, you can certainly utilize your insurance and complete an insurance claim. This would result in you being responsible for a deductible and getting the same make/model phone unless it is out of stock at which point the insurance will make you aware and further detail.

Completion of your contract will result in you being upgrade eligible. Thus, it may benefit you to simply get a new phone of your choosing and avoid paying the deductible for the same make/model phone with the insurance if feasible.

I also sent you a direct message if you would like to further review options for your device.


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