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Replacement Phone


I dropped my phone and it cracked the screen protector and screen.  Unfortunately I do not have the money to replace, still have a large amount to pay on the phone to pay, and want to see if anyone out there would have an extra Samsung 7 edge that they are not using I could have at no cost please?  [Removed]

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Re: Replacement Phone
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I'm sorry to hear of your phones damage. But I don't believe anyone is just going to GIVE you an $800.00 phone. If you don't have insurance to cover the damage, your best option is to find a local repair shop that will fix it, meaning you would be without a phone until it's repaired. Or see if you can find a used phone to make due. Good luck either way.

Re: Replacement Phone
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Sorry I don't believe that this is the right place for this question. But Good luck with getting something that will work for you

Re: Replacement Phone

Check with family and friends if you are not willing to pay for a replacement device.

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Re: Replacement Phone
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I'm terribly sorry to hear about your phone. I know it's important to have a device you can count on. I'd love the opportunity to go over options to replace the device and get you a phone that works great for you. I sent you a PM. Please reply when possible so we can help.



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