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S6 update issue with Google Maps

Every since the update, I cannot get the voice to play when I am in my car. It works in the house, but not in the car. I have the phone connected to bluetooth, but it never played through my car speakers, always just played through my phone, until the update!!

How can I fix this?!?!?!

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Re: S6 update issue with Google Maps
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Updating software on the phone should be an easy task with enhancements that will help improve the experience with your device. I am concerned to hear that was not the case with your phone but we will work to get this resolved for you. Once you completed the update to the software on your phone, does it also show an update for Google Maps by chance? Is everything else working ok since the last update?


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Re: S6 update issue with Google Maps

Hi Candice,

Thanks for your response.  As far as I can tell, everything else seems to be working properly.

I do not believe I saw a Google Maps update, however, I did notice some slight changes in the app itself, so perhaps there was an update.

As I said, the voice works perfectly fine if I am not in my car and hooked up to my Bluetooth. And, it does not play over my car speakers either.

Thanks again for your assistance with this.

Regards,  Tina [Removed]

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Re: S6 update issue with Google Maps

I too am having the same difficulty when using my maps app for GPS while in the car. As you stated above,  I have the Bluetooth option on so that I can place and receive calls in my car without having to physically use the phone to do so. Ever since the update the only way I can hear the turn by turn navigation is to turn the blue tooth feature off on the phone, but then I can't use the hands free option with my car. Whereas in the past I was able to. The turn by turn navigation had never gone through my car speakers but only on my phone. The only way you hear it at all with The most recent update is to disable the bluetoith feature on the phone. The latest update has also messed up my calendar, as well as my contacts. The calendar looks like 1 big date, no dividing lines marking the days of the week. With thr phone optiond, there used to be 3 different tabs that consisted of recent calls, favorites, and contacts. Now there's only recent and contacts. Recent shows most recent calls and contacts shows all contacts in your phonebook. With favorites listed first. But now you have to scroll through the list whereas before you could change the order of the favorites. I liked before where there was a specific page just for the favorites thumb tabs. I personally don't care for the most recent update! I hope Verizon and Samsung vome together to fix the said issues.