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Verizon Asurion Insurance

Verizon/Asurion insurance cracked screen coverage is a scam.

It's deductible pricing for phone replacement is also a scam - particularly for phones more than one year old.

Asurion/Verizon refused to replace my Samsung S9+ screen for $29 because their was a scratch on the back of the phone.  I was happy with the phone and just wanted my cracked screen replaced.

Instead, Verizon/Asurion required that I pay a $200 deductible for a new phone BUT they could not guarantee the phone to be a new phone but probably a USED phone.  

I can get USeD S9+'s off of Ebay or Amazon for less than the $200 deductible without paying the $15 per month insurance.

This cracked screen coverage is a scam.  Verizon advertises screen repair for $29, then denies it & then charges you a deductible that is more that the cost of a used phone in the market.  

The deductible charged for a used phone is also a second scam. I paid $180 per year for three years per phone to get a ridiculously high deductible given market for a used phone.

I just cancelled insurance on all four of my lines.  Outrageous.

Re: Verizon Asurion Insurance
Customer Support

Thank you for reaching out to us. Our goal is to provide the assistance you need and deserve at all times. Please meet us in a Private Note for assistance. - AXP 

Re: Verizon Asurion Insurance

I too am having trouble with Asurion's claims that cracking my screen doesn't have to ruin my day!  they've ruined a whole week, so far. Inasmuch that my phone has now been gone for 8 days, send with all haste (UPS airmail!) in a cheap bubble envelope mailer special delivered after several days' wait (Jan 😎 while replaying the promises of 1-2 day repair time. Backed up, photographed, and mailed out on Jan 24, magic UPS tracking info reveals it arrives on Jan 26th 2021. Calls on Jan 29 and Feb 1 both go down the same script, lots of time on hold and promises that they are with in the 5 days plus 2 days of shipping time. Finally realize they are referring to current department lead time and ask for a manger (ug). 

Viola- I am suddenly offered a replacement phone! Sent to me in 1-2 days (it's almost 1pm now) for the $29.99 screen replacement fee! And apologized to that the wait time isn't what was promised. After asking to verify the $29.99 cost clearly, I am ON HOLD. (After 3 years with this phone insurance, my $11 monthly x 36 months is roughly exceeds the cost of a new phone and I feel no guilt.) SO they had to refund the first $29.99 fee and apply a new $29.99 replacement fee (nooo not concerned at all about giving you my cc number again....)

Now I will wait. I would like to think I will come back here and update you on the rest of the story, but hey- if I don't, let's pretend it all worked out fine.  and a big thank you to Chicora, my Asurion rep.

Re: Verizon Asurion Insurance
Customer Support

Hello, tststststststs. I am glad to hear you were able to get a replacement. I am sorry it took so long. I do want you to be taken care of. If you have any issues, please meet us here, or send us a Private Note, and we can look into this with you.