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Why are my notification sounds coming through my speaker when I have headphones plugged in?

So, I was at work today catching up on some television on my break and noticed something strange.  I had my headphones plugged into the headphone jack (wasn't using wireless) and most of my sounds were coming through the headphones except my notification sounds.  I was getting texts from a coworker and the sound I have set up was coming through, quite loudly, through the speakers and not through my headphones.

So, is there a way to fix this or is this a known bug like I am reading about the S8 and S8+?

I'm just trying to see if it is an issue with the phone or if I have to turn my ringtone and sounds down every time I put in my headphones so I am not "that guy" and annoying everyone around me with unnecessary sounds.

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Re: Why are my notification sounds coming through my speaker when I have headphones plugged in?
Customer Support

Stuball76, I know that wouldn't want to disturb others around me either while I'm using my headphones. No one wants to be that person! When it comes to the notification sounds, we highly recommend placing your phone into vibrate mode, or silence if you prefer, so as not to have the notification audio play through your phone's speaker. I experience the same through my phone Android phone as well, and have to make sure my phone is on Vibrate in order to not disturb my coworkers. 


If you haven't done so, check out the Adapt Sound setting under Settings > Sounds > Sound Quality and Effects, and customize the audio to your preference. It can make a big difference with the audio quality when using your wired headphones!




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