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Why can't I disable 5G on S22

I want to disable 5G on my new S22 but I don't have the option to in my settings. 

Apparently this is specific to Verizon. 

Why is Verizon preventing me from changing these settings? I want to disable 5G.

Can someone please provide an answer. 

Re: Why can't I disable 5G on S22
Customer Support

ekulzards, thank you for reaching out to us. We are here for your support. There is no option to disable 5G from your device. Why are you looking to disable this network from your device? 


Re: Why can't I disable 5G on S22

Can you say C-O-N-T-R-O-L?

Jeff Saltzman
Re: Why can't I disable 5G on S22
Sr. Member

It's possible the option to disable 5G was removed because Verizon is trying to offload as much Internet traffic as possible to 5G. Especially in crowded concert and venue locations, and in the city. The more they can offload to C-Band and mmWave, the less LTE And low band have to worry about.

The problem causing 5G to be slower than LTE is specific to how 5G functions in some instances. Older phones cannot aggregate multiple 5G bands together, which puts their performance in the same ballpark as a first generation LTE phone. Not all of Verizon's towers have 5G on them. Your nearest tower may be 4G only, while a further away tower is 5G capable. The phone may be trying to connect to both the further away tower via 5G, and the nearby tower via 4G, and the signal is too weak for the 5G to help. That is also a tuning problem, which Verizon can solve over time, but which can be solved by continuing to upgrade the network.  


The S22 is a phone that can aggregate multiple 5G bands so, it should perform better than older phones.