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Why is Verizon lying?

Upgraded both phones on our line to the s20+ and sent back our two paid off samsung s9+ phones in provided return packaging. 

Tracking shows phones were received by Verizon on Dec 11. Yet on Dec 26 I get an email saying they have not received the phones. After hours of talking to customer service they let me know that they did receiv the phone and it was noted that it was damaged.

I'm 99% positive they are saying this because they lost the phone. Phone was in mint condition. What they don't realize is we documented everything with video and witnesses. Looks like it's time to finally sue these crooks into the ground.

Will be returning our new phones and canceling our service to switch to a company that values its customers and doesn't condone stealing from them.

Be aware Verizon this will be going to court, hope you can back your info with proof like we can.

If you have had similar issues please get ahold of me, I think it's due time we put and end to criminals disguised as a business.

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Re: Why is Verizon lying?
Customer Support

Rainshaker, this is never the experience we want you to have. Making sure you receive accurate information pertaining to your trade-in devices is vital. Allow us the opportunity to take a closer look at the details of your concern. We have sent you a Private Message. Can you please respond to that message? Thank you. 



Re: Why is Verizon lying?
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Other reports of similar problems with phones i.e trade in or return 

Re: Why is Verizon lying?

Unfortunately, your problem has been experienced by many others.  And to top it off, after wasting hours of your time, you get a "robotic-automated" reply that says, "Making sure you receive accurate information pertaining to your trade-in devices is vital."  

The fact is Verizon support has gone way down hill.  I don't know of any company that's worse... Btw, I've heard good things about T-mobile.  I guess it depends on your location. - - Good luck on getting things resolved to your satisfaction!