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WiFi Connection issue

My S3 generally connects to most any wifi signal out there. EXCEPT, I recently set up a new wifi router and cannot connect at all. My daughter's S3, my wife's Droid (?), and my Galaxy Tab 2.7 will not connect either. All claim 'Network Disabled. "Poor Connection".  Three computers however connect with no problems. I know it can't be the signal strength... I'm 4 feet away from the router. I know I'm missing something, some setting, some incantation, something, but I can't solve this. I see nothing in the router base station settings to give me a hint. I even changed the signal channel with no positive results.

Any hints??

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Re: WiFi Connection issue

Do you have MAC address filtering turned on in the router settings?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: WiFi Connection issue
Customer Support

Thanks for sharing your situation Allen, and I agree that it's strange that all of your phones & tablets won't connect while laptops will. As Ann mentioned, make sure you don't have MAC filtering turned on to only allow certain devices to connect. Also, have you tried changing the security on the router, or possibly changing the connection type (b/g/n)? The phones should be able to connect to most security types, but the most common would be WPA2 or WEP. Try different combinations? Also, if you named the router the same name as your last one, try changing the name as well.

I hope that helps!

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Re: WiFi Connection issue

Well I frankly don't get it. I have had my S3 for over a year and had absolutely no connection issues especially on my own home network. I have a laptop and a Razr M connected to my network right now without any problem but when I try to connect the S3 I get "authentication error occurred" and get nowhere. I have Googled this and there are hundreds of posts showing the same problem as mine. Why is it Verizon never seems to know of the problems which might then lead to a solution? I've done everything suggested here, there, and everywhere. Several people online seemed to have spent hours on the phone to VZ CS and they seem to know nothing. Why can't this be figured out? I have reset everything, turned of wifi power saving in the hidden menu, pulled the battery, I have not done a hard reset as that is a major step. Thank God I have unlimited data because that's the only way I get online. BTW this has all transpired this week and is ongoing.