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​When using Verizon messages is it free if using WiFi?

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Re: messaging
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We understand the importance of clarification in regard to Verizon Messages. Allow us to help. To clarify, are you referring to data usage? Here's a link with details about Verizon Messages


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Re: messaging
Sr. Member

Are you referring to messages+? If you are there has been a lot of complaints about this app using a lot of data. I am not sure if they got the bugs out of this app but there are a few threads still on here about this app.

Re: messaging

i'm not sure you can send messages over wi-fi only!!

Re: messaging
Sr. Member

I am not sure about message+ but I have a S7 edge and use the other messaging app that came with my phone. I have my mobile data off 99% of the time and I am able to txt just fine with my phone being on WiFi.

Not sure about other messaging apps but we also have a S5 that is not activated and we can use messenger the facebook app on it using WiFi and those txt go out fine too.