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samsung s8 / s8+ not 4g data capable in spain / france ?

I have bought a samsung s8+ (smg955uzbv) - verizon coral blue version at best buy.

In planning for a trip to spain / france, i went through the verizon "trip planner" tool to tell it where i am going and what phone i will take.

It then checks if it is compatible and what data speeds I can expect (?).

The international coverage map shows that "4G world devices with GSM", will have 4G LTE data voice / message coverage in Spain & France.

I then told the tool i was taking my s8+, and the results showed that "Destination data speeds - 4G data"  was NOT available.

3g and 2g data speeds WERE available.

Reading a little further, the verizon (u.s.?) samsung s8 / s8+ line of phones ARE "4g world devices" and appear to have GSM in addition to CDMA,

which therefore should work at 4G speed... at least to my "novice" level of understanding.

I also tried telling the tool i was taking a samsung s6, s7, even iPhones 6 and 7, and the tool says ALL of those phones

WILL have "destination data speeds - 4G data" in both of those countries.

I tried the verizon S8 and S8+ versions as well, thinking somehow my "coral blue" version was different, and they do NOT have 4G data speeds.

So my question is - will the S8 and S8+ actually not have 4G data speed in spain & france, or is the verizon trip planner tool in error?

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Re: samsung s8 / s8+ not 4g data capable in spain / france ?
Customer Support

I know how important it is to stay connected while traveling, nybuddy. The data speeds will completely depend on the network of that country. Your device will pick up a 4G signal if it is available.


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