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strange calls

Why would I be getting calls that say they are coming from my number? Thanks.

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Re: strange calls
Sr. Member

Someone was on here the other day with the same problem but they said something about they asked them to put in a 4 digit number. They were not sure if it was supposed to be their social security or their phone number. I would call Verizon and report this and look at your bill on line and see if that call shows as coming from your number or gives you the number that actually called you.When you get some answers please come back and let us know what the out come was because I'm sure that a lot of us are going to get the same call. Thanks


I just had my phone ring and it was "Me" calling from my cell number. I answered and a recorded message, "AT&T, your number has been flagged for possible fraud. Please enter.....(this is kind of when the shock set in) I can't remember if it said last 4 digits of social or phone number...after the tone." Then it beeped like an old voice mail recorder.

So, has someone used my number for spam and AT&T is really warning me, or was this a fishing spam call??

Really people?? My number?? Sheeesh.

this was their post

Re: strange calls
Customer Support

JET111, we always want you to be able to identify your callers when possible.  This caller ID showing your number can be caused by a number of different things.  We just want to get a little more information to research this further.  How often has this happened?  Is it still going on?  When did this first start?  Did you answer and if so what did the person/message say on the line?


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